Our users’ privacy is one of our main concerns, being every individual's birth right. Keeping that in mind, Incognito VPN holds no logs of any information about its users, including user’s traffic and browsing activities.
We DO NOT monitor or store details of the data sent over our network or websites you log into while using our VPN service. This means, of course, that this information is not available for us to share with any third party, if anyone wants to revoke our users’ right to privacy.

We guarantee our users that we will not sell, trade, or transfer this personal information to third parties, unless they are trusted entities who assist us in providing you with our service. Rest assured that these third parties have committed, ahead of time, to keep the personal information which was handed to them, confidential.
An example of a third party’s assistance can be shown by our use of an outside analytics tool, helping us to better understand how our service is being used by our users and use this information to better our service.

While registering to Incognito VPN, you will be asked for some personal information, including your email address among other things; these details are for our eyes only and they will be stored on secured servers.

Please note, that despite our effort to keep our users’ identity private, credit card payments are kept in a record that cannot be erased by us, since the banks and card companies keep those records.

Any other information we collect in order to better our service to our users’ benefit, such as times when our VPN service was used by users, choice of server location and amount of data transferred by one user in one day, we store strictly to investigate, learn from, and eventually deliver the best possible experience to you. The information which is gathered and analyzed generically is also kept on secured servers.

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